Software Consultations

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Infrastructure provision service

Providing infrastructure for any website or application is as important as constructing Software as providing Adequate Infrastructure is the basis of the website.

In Waja Information Technology, we seek to secure whatever it takes to launch your software project, that’s why we provide you with an infrastructure service where we care about providing Servers, Network booking and service providing so we can easily launch your website.

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Software Solutions

الاستشارات البرمجية

Our Software Solutions

From the considerable experience of our Team and the projects that have been implemented, we in Waja are confident in the software solutions  and the Ideas that we offer you that we will get you to your Goals and Objectives as soon as possible through the simplest method.

What characterizes our Software Solutions?


Ease of Use

When it comes to understanding user behavior, design and establish attractive and intuitive web applications that positively affect user interaction,  conversion rates and appearance in search engines.


We improve the application structure, including memory and data structures, to ensure that your web application can withstand high loads and overloads without increasing response time.

Response Speed

Our designs are flawless on any screen, from the smallest Smartphone to the largest desktop computer and T.V.’s. It’s also; it’s fully compatible with all Types of Modern browsers.

Ease of Administration

We shall establish a flexible, user-friendly control panel for you so you can manage your website’s content without the need for a programmer to manage it.
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Digital Transformation Service

Digital Transformation is the integration of Digital Technology into all aspects of business, resulting in a radical change in how you manage and deliver value to customers. It’s also a cultural change that requires institutions to constantly defy the status quo. We in Waja are ready to manage the digital transformation process in your facility and train your professional workforce to handle these transformations.