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About Mawred ERP

Mawred ERP is the Partner of WAJA IT. Mawred is a software company based in Saudi Arabia that provides innovative and high-quality solutions in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and business consulting services throughout the Middle East. We provide hosting services for enterprise resource planning system for both small and medium enterprises and large companies. With a highly experienced software and business management team. We offer customers rich, robust and cost-effective software and consulting solutions, a perfect combination of technical excellence, business performance monitoring and effective customer management, which is a great welcome for many customers

Human Resource Management

Your representatives can apply for vacations or claim direct expenses through a resource planning system from a supplier. Where they are connected flawlessly and consistently with your payroll and accounting staff.

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Point of Sale

Sale Management System is an arrangement that happens with the client previously and amid the deal. You can deal with all correspondences yourself or you may have a little group of offers staff to deal with this.

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Purchase Management System

Purchasing in correct amounts, in correct quantities, can influence your income and benefit. The ERP system from a supplier contains an arrangement that will make your purchase as efficient and smooth as possible.

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Accounting Management System

Toward the finish of the sales and purchase cycle comes invoices and payments. You may have an accountant on your team, you can do accounting yourself.

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Store Management System

Effortlessly oversee multi-site stores, track stock levels for each stockroom, and refresh them by a manual investigation. Clump installments, serial numbers, stock valuation.

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Customer Relationship Management

With a system that manages integrated customer relationships, you can track opportunities in the enterprise resource planning system. You can set the expectations and send coordinate email from the system.

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Manufacturing Management System

Keep the tree multi-level material for your assortments. Helps in item valuing, production planning and issuance of production orders for legitimate floor work for your manufacturing shop.

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Project Management System

Help you to deal your projects by isolating them into assignments and relegating them to different people. It can also track purchases and sales for ventures and this can help the organization to track spending plan.

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School Management System

School modules are designed in the enterprise resource planning system to meet the necessities of schools, colleges, and educational institutes. It is a centralized system that maintains all activities related to the institution.

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Healthcare Management System

The healthcare unit of the Enterprise Resource Planning System encourages you to deal with your facility or exercise proficiently by booking arrangements and recording patient gatherings.

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Vehicle Management System

The Vehicle Management System enables your constructor to deal with their different vehicles and track their costs.

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Custom Development

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a resource supplier that gives numerous apparatuses to help alter the system. You can improve frames by concealing highlights you needn’t bother with that.

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