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How to build your professional DB consulting service in 40 days…?

DB Consulting specializes in SQL Server, our education, and training program is founded on real-life experience, and we also practice what we preach! In addition to training courses and workshops we provide:

Beginning level:

How to start using Microsoft SQL Server and create your own application DB it in 10 days..?

Fundamental level:

How to build your DB infrastructure and administrate it in 10 days..?

Intermediate level:

How to build DR solutions and distributed systems in 5 days..?

Advanced level:

How to tune your DBs and scale up them to afford the biggest stress workload in 5 days..?

Expert level:

How to build your data engineering platform, RTDWH (Real-time data warehousing), data mart, online data migration and online data archiving for TB data in 10 days   ..?

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DB consulting Overview

Who should attend..?

  • All who are related to SQL Server administration, development, analysis or architecture
  • All who are passionate to dive deeper into SQL Server and add more hands-on experience for SQL Server
  • All who have fundamental concepts about T-SQL programming and ability to write T-SQL statements
  • All who are passionate to be MCSE certified in SQL Server Administration and development
  • All who are acting as .net developer, DB Administrator, DB analyst or DB architect.

DB consulting Education program plan

The program includes 4 highly focused, interactive, 30 days courses as below:

Shehap El-Nagar

He is Shehap El-Nagar, he is MVP, MCTS, and MCITP SQL Server and is considered as the 2nd MVP SQL Server all over the middle east, also he has deep practical knowledge about T-SQL performance, HW Performance issues, Data Warehousing, and data mart solutions, SQL Server Replication, Clustering solutions and Database Designs for different kinds of systems, DR solutions either Active-Active using HAG or Active –passive SAN.

Shehap El-Nagar

Andreas Wolter

Andreas Wolter is both a Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) on SQL Server 2008 and a Microsoft Certified Solutions Master Data Platform (MCSM) SQL Server 2012 – making him one of only 2 experts worldwide being master-certified on SQL Server 2008 and 2012. Besides that, he has also been awarded the MVP for SQL Server since 2014.

He is the founder of Sarpedon Quality Lab, a Germany-based company that specializes in Development and Optimization of SQL Server Database- and Data warehouse-architectures with focus on performance, scalability, and security.

With over 15 years of experience with SQL Server, he can be met at various international conferences and delivering training for the SQL Server Master-Class seminar-series held in Europe.

You can follow him on Twitter and find his blog.

Andreas Wolter