End User Monitoring

Create superior experiences by monitoring where customers are connecting with your business the most — across your mobile apps and websites.

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Ensure each tap, swipe, or click is flawless by tracking every business transaction

Make better client encounters and rapidly unravel issues via consequently catching mistakes, crashes, organize demands, page load points of interest, and different measurements. In addition, End User Monitoring gives you a clear comprehension of how outsider APIs and substance administrations are affecting execution, giving you more useful to implement SLAs.

Track every Business Transaction across a user session with fast and deep diagnostics

  • Get deep code-level visibility into web and mobile apps
  • Automatically capture errors, crashes, network requests, page load details, and other metrics for an entire user session
  • Identify front-end issues faster and understand how third-party APIs and content services affect your app and web performance
  • Get traceability from front-end to back-end application dependencies with APM

Proactively manage key business transactions

  • Respond quickly to web application performance issues
  • Consistently and actively monitor key user paths through the web application with auto-discovery of related Business Transactions
  • Proactively identify and receive alerts on issues as they develop with intelligent baselining and error verification
  • Troubleshoot and fix application issues quickly with Business Transaction correlation within the session context

Increase customer satisfaction and conversions by managing end-user performance

  • Get better business outcomes by managing user response times for all geographies of your user population
  • Correlate mobile app crashes to business outcomes
  • Optimize customer experience by capturing the performance of every user journey interaction
  • Increase conversion and satisfaction by tracking and analyzing Business Transactions and third party contributions of the 90th percentile of user interactions

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